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Welcome to Haute Wanda

We're a shop that lives in the valley between classy and smart*ssy. We value kindness, honesty, and humor. We aim to offer the world a moment of reprieve, an opportunity to connect, and a way to find joy in the everyday.

a little bit of back story

Haute Wanda was officially launched in the fall of 2017, but its seeds were planted long before then... In 2013, shop owner Jonelle Jones, drew inspiration from her childhood and her family as she grew a vision for opening a retail shop that would combine the best of the new and old, the snarky and treasured.

In 2015, Jonelle first launched Lettered by Jonelle Jones on Etsy, offering hand lettered art prints, stationery, apparel and other gifty items. As the business grew and evolved, Jonelle knew it was time to embrace the voice and vision of Haute Wanda. The Haute Wanda brand was finally born and the site launched.


"Haute Wanda is named after my spunky grandma, Wanda, who taught me how to live with attitude AND class. She was confident, kind and joyful. She loved her family, pearls and chocolate cake. She met everyone with kindness, an open heart and a hint of sarcasm. She taught me the importance of keeping a great sense of humor. The store and each of my items are inspired not only by her, but also by all the other Haute ladies in my life."

What you'll find here is a classic yet eclectic mix of custom-designed home decor and gifts, upcycled vintage pieces and true vintage gems. If you see something you LOVE, tell us! We want to create a shop you can't keep quiet about!


The inspiration behind HAUTE WANDA, Jonelle's grandma, Wanda Mull.

The inspiration behind HAUTE WANDA, Jonelle's grandma, Wanda Mull.